Work Dress Codes to follow

Deciding what to wear in your workplace can be difficult sometimes but this shouldn't be taken as a hard work every morning. The best way is to compile your wardrobe accordingly. We have summarized some style according to your work culture. Read on to know more:

Corporate: Go for a perfect combination of the classic grey suit with brogues and a pair of a crisp white shirt with a bright printed tie. Attract everyone with this combination whether you are going for a meeting or official lunch. Somehow, men hesitate to wear this look because of their short stature, but now you can style accordingly because now you can buy height increasing shoes for men at a nominal price and secretly add few inches to your height.

Creative: Because you are dressing for your work doesn't mean you can't dress like quirky. If you are working in a creative field such as music, art, media or design, try mix matching with your colors. Just make sure everything is balanced properly. You can go for a slim fit jacket with chinos and if you want to wear a tie then loosen it a little bit. You will appear mature without being a stuffy personality.

Freelancer: Work obviously fleets from meetings to working at your place. As such there is no standard uniform. Still, if you are in doubt, then go for a structured blazer, with a chambray button up and yes neat and clean bottoms. This look will turn out to be the perfect combination of casual yet sophisticated. For footwear go for loafers for a savvy look.

On That Note: So, gentleman! Dress according to your work culture and rock your office in a cool yet sophisticated manner. If you are having some other dress code in mind, feel free to share.


Thanks for reading.