Wearing a Pink Shirt is not an embarrassment anymore!

According to everyone, pink is a girly color, but now it has widely accepted that even men can style them. Apparently, pink is the new black color. Now don't hesitate to wear a pink shirt with this easy guide covering both the casual and formal ways.

  • Casual: Pink shirts are not only meant for your workplace, you can even style them casually or day outing. Pink is a versatile color, pairing them with different color jeans works great. You can go for indigo pair or classic blue. But, make sure your jeans are not too skinny or too loose. So, roll up your bottoms just to show a bit of your ankle and wear them with a pair of loafers. It makes a Perfect combination for a day-out.
  • Formals: pink color shirt looks great with a suit, reason being – it compliments colors. Preferably, the perfect color to go is navy – make sure you choose an appropriate shade of navy. On an overall, it would be better if a lighter navy is chosen over a darker one. You are wearing a pink shirt, so obviously you don't want to darken your entire look, keep it brighter with a navy color i.e. lighter one.

A big NO to a shiny suit because you don't want to overburden your look by styling a reflective suit. Team your suit with tan or brown color because this compliments navy and pink as well. Don't wear tie, firstly, it will be too formal and secondly, you will find it difficult to mix-match with your pink shirt. It's better if you keep it constriction free. If you are brave enough, then wear a pinstripe suit with your pink shirt, this will add texture to your look.

Well guys, now we hope wearing a pink won't be any kind of embarrassment. Go get yourself a pink shirt and be at your charming best.