Tips to pamper your feet in the monsoon

Its quite obvious that every season has negative as well as positive part and crack heels are the worst part when we talk about monsoon season. Many people take precautions just to keep their feet in good condition. Given below are some remedies in protecting your feet:

  • Keep them dry: prefer keeping your feet dry in this season. If you are planning to go out then wear shoes rather flip-flops or sandals, reason being shoes will provide more comfort as compared to sandals and they will protect your feet from any fungal infections.
  • Foot Scrubbing: When you go for shower, always soak your feet in the water for 5-10 minutes. You can add shampoo, soap liquids to the water. After that wash your feet with scrubber and finish your bath.
  • Foot moisturizer: moisturizer always help, so don't forget applying after you are done with the shower. This helps to form new cells and destroy dead cells.
  • Don't go out with wounds: Kindly stay at home when you have wounded your feet or facing with feet problems. Before it get worse it's better to consult a doctor or stay at home.
  • Fish Spa: When we are talking about spa for feet then fish spa is a must. This will clear all the dead cells around your feet thus making your feet smooth and great.

Quick sneak peak:

  • Never wear damp shoes and socks,
  • Don't walk bare footed,
  • Prefer using talcum powder on feet just to keep them dry,
  • Make a habit of wearing clean slippers and sandals,
  • It would be great if you soak your feet in the lukewarm water for nearly 10 minutes after coming from outside.

Caring for feet is an essential part especially in monsoons. So, make sure you follow these easy remedies for your foot care.