Time to follow: Belt Ethics

Normally, men don't pay attention before buying belt. Well we totally understand that you don’t have enough time especially when you are getting late for your work or college or maybe you come under the category where belts just means for holding your pants. It's true that the belt keeps your pants from sagging or falling and also it adds elegance to your attire whether you are in the office or college. Apart from this, belts are one of the subtle accessories that can make or break your attire.

Belts are fashionable, stylish and most importantly very functional and useful. Half of the majority takes belts as a part of their daily ensemble. So, why can't we put some effort in selecting the right and suitable belt for your attire? Here you go, here are some belt basics.

Belts are of three types:

  • Casual
  • Studded
  • Dressy

The dress belts are more refined for formal or special occasions as compared to the studded belts, although studded belts give a goth look especially if you are pulling for the biker look. When we talk about casual belts – they are thicker and are sold in small, medium and large sizes. A casual belt with fabric looks perfect when styled with sneakers. Always remember to wear a size bigger than your waist size.

Points to remember while buying belt:

  • Your belt should match your shoes – especially with the texture and color. You can match your black shoes with black belts, brown leather shoes with brown belt. Try to get the colors and textures close to each other for a sophisticated look.
  • The second basic rule is- prefer wearing shoes or carry them while buying belt so that you don't choose the wrong color.
  • The belt buckle for dress belts should be classy and simple – match it with your accessories or watch for a dapper look.
  • Always check the belt buckle before buying.

Some quick tips for maintaining your belt:

  • Clean the belt buckle regularly.
  • Never roll your belt – it tends to break. Prefer hanging them vertically on a hanger or a hook just to avoid any distortion.
  • A worn out belt gives a bad impression both to your style and attire so avoid them, buy a new one.

These are some of the belt ethics for you to follow them. Make sure to style them properly – they work an essential element for your attire.