The Scarf Guide for Men

Scarves have been a staple trend in men's clothing for many decades. Historically worn by many leaders, the scarf, a profound neck-wear has graced our necks for longer time period than bow ties, cravats and neckties. In this scarf guide, you will know about the types of the scarf.

Types of Scarves:

There are different styles of scarves in a wide variety of patterns, colors and shapes, made from different types of materials:

  • Casual/Winter Scarf: Purposely worn for protection from the elements, these scarves are made of wool, alpaca and polyester; they are intended to be worn during the cold winter months. They can be with different patterns or printed and are often knitted and thick to the touch.
  • Sports Scarf: These kinds of scarves are made of a blend of materials and provide high resistance to the wind, temperature and snow. These scarves are circular and they don't need to be wrapped. Usually, these scarves are pulled up to cover the mouth and ears. They are worn mostly by professionals and athletes, these scarves are very popular with children and parents due to the ease of use and less tangling capabilities make them a safer alternative for active play.
  • Business Casual Scarf: These scarves are thinner as compared to the sports scarves but they are made in the same fashion as the casual scarf i.e. long and rectangular. These scarves are traditional and are perfectly paired with business or semi-casual attire. These can be worn in the summers or winters. Apparently, for warmer climate these are made from cotton, satin, silk, cashmere or linen. For cooler climate these are made from wool, alpaca, and cashmere and poly-blend material.
  • The Dress Scarf: The evening scarf is a classy and an elegant addition to a gentleman's overcoat or topcoat. This scarf is made of alpaca, merino wool or cashmere. You can style this with plaids, checks and paisley prints.
  • Formal Evening Scarf: Mostly worn with a tuxedo or tailcoat, this scarf is a fringed rectangular scarf which is usually made of silk and comes in black, white or combination of both. This scarf is not wrapped but draped over the back of the neck or sometimes thrown over the shoulder.
  • Fashion/Summer Scarf: These type of scarf are particularly used as a fashionable accessory which are worn as a fashion statement and are made of cotton, silk, linen or pashmina. They are mostly worn with both business and casual attire and come in wide range of prints and patterns or textures.
  • Elegant Reversible Scarf: The reversible scarf which is also known as a tubular scarf by the British is one of the elegant form of neck-wear for warmth. With two distinct patterns, woven together, a reversible scarf can flaunt elegantly by accessorizing your topcoat. Silk and wool combination goes perfectly with this kind of scarf.

So, take your pick on the scarf and add more charm to your personality.