The new flavor of the season – Man buns

As the time and fashion revolve, there is always the new coming of fashion trends. One such trend is the “Man Bun” which nowadays is drooling everyone especially celebs. In literal terms, man bun is the style where a guy pulls his hair backward in a small bun. Be it a travel look, casual outing, an event or an award ceremony, you will see many celebrities going for this look. Let's take a look at celebrities who have rocked this man bun look elegantly:

  • Riteish Deshmukh: Bollywood stars are rocking this style especially during their movie or some other promotions. Recently, this personality has been spotted out in this style when he was promoting his new movie.
  • Ayushmann Khurrana: Another actor in the row is this personality. Recently, he was seen carrying this look with a beard. Apart from this, he added quirky elements to his look which made his fans more excited.
  • Shahid Kapoor: We have already seen this actor with long hair but now he has man bun which made him look Samurai. Nevertheless, this look has made him smarter thus, making this hottest trend so far.
  • Farhan Akhtar: The director, actor, singer have won many hearts with his cool style. From flaunting a crop look to wearing a hair band, this actor has rocked every look gracefully. Recently, he was seen styling a man bun that did justice with his beard.
  • David Beckham: Whether it's about his tattoos, his family photos on social media or his style, this footballer’s edgy style has always caught everyone’s attention. David Beckham has been seen with this look on and off field or any other events.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: This actor never lets his fan down be it with his movies or style. Recently, he was seen with the man bun look which made him look even hotter.
  • Brad Pitt: In his long career Brad Pitt has followed many trends and looks, but keeping the man bun look has grabbed the attention of many. He was spotted with this look styled with a dapper suit in an event.

On That Note: Gentleman! Let's create some new look with this hot trend.