Styling a combination of colored shirt & tie

Now that you have found the perfect fitted suit, you obviously want to make your shirt and tie look great together. And now summers are in, you can experiment with the colors according to your imagination. But make sure you don’t turn out to be a fashion disaster. We all know that finding a combination of shirt and a tie is a little difficult, but it's fun to bring a little pop-up in your outfit. Read, on our guide to know more about this:

  • Pastel Shirts: Glam up this summer season with some pastel color shirts – why not wearing a grey color suit with a pale/light pink shirt. Just make sure that the color of your suit is darker than the shirt. When we talk about tie, then it would be perfect to add a textured style tie with this outfit.
  • Dark Colored Shirts: If you want to add some splash of color in your wardrobe then go for a darker shade of your shirt. A dark navy shirt or a deep red shirt will look perfect if you wear it with a black tie. For an easy pick – if you are deciding to wear a black shirt, then definitely go for either for a black tie or a grey one. If you wish to add some depth to your outfit, then wear a shade of purple – this won't look overboard.
  • Blue Shirts: One of the chosen color by many. The best thing about blue shirt is – it's easy to dress. For a win-win situation wear a light blue color shirt with a navy tie and a grey suit, this is an ultimate suit combination. For a bit adventurous style – wear orange or a red color tie with a light blue shirt. We promise this won't look weird rather it will bring a glance to your outfit.

Cheat Sheet of shirt and tie combinations:

  • Blue Shirt: Printed, Navy or Orange
  • Black Shirt: none other than Black
  • White Shirt: every colored tie would go
  • Patterned Shirt: Printed pattern or block colors
  • Pink Shirt: Printed, Navy, Khaki or Purple

Gentlemen! It's time to spruce up your style with confidence. Good luck!