Style an untucked shirt for a sharp look

Shirt is a piece of clothing that has been gaining popularity every decade. In other words, we can say that this versatile piece of clothing keeps surviving the chaotic world of fashion. One of the important thing to remember is how you style them and when you own the right shirt you can rock the casual and smart look easily. An example for this is the “untucked shirt”. Majority feels that the untucked shirt always gives a sloppy look. But the true part is it can be achieved with limited effort.

  • Length: one of the important thing to remember when buying shirt is “length”, so make sure you go for the optimal length, because too long length will kill your entire attire. If your t-shirt is following below your hips, then definitely the length is wrong.
  • The Belt: it won't harm your style if you show off a bit of cheeky plaid. But if you are going for an untucked style, it's not a good idea to show your belts collection. But, if you wish to show your belt, you can try wearing a curve bottom shirt.
  • Going Formal: many men believe that untucked shirts are not likable with formal attire, but this is not a true story. In fact styling your untucked shirt is an alternative to the usual. For example: you can style your shirt with a V-neck and a sport jacket. But make sure that the length of your shirt is an inch longer that the V-neck and shorter than your jacket.
  • Say “NO” to the Square-Bottom Shirts: they look best if you leave them tucked. It may have been fashionable in the late century, but now time has changed and every modern man deserves an untucked shirt that will give him a classy and stylish look.

Final Note: styling an untucked shirt is an easy thought and can be worn on many occasions. But, make sure you keep it simple and classy. Stick to these rules and you will master the art of styling an untucked shirt.