Modern Jewelry for Men- Pep up your style

One common fashion mantra – the right accessories can change your entire look and simultaneously one wrong catch can make you the center of attraction for all the wrong choices. Accessories add elegance to your appearance; they give you a different image, thus creating an unforgettable impression. There are many who go wrong styling the accessories, because of many choices, styles, designs and colors. So, to clear out all the confusion read this guide:

  • Watch: a watch is a must if you want a functional look. Maximum people judge you by the kind of watch you are wearing while some judge your occupation based on your watch. If you are looking for formal occasions, it's better to pick a subtle watch - silver and gold goes perfectly. If not these, there are many options available in the market; you can choose according to your personality and taste.
  • Rings: wedding bands command respect, so flaunt them proudly. They always create the positive and good impression. Besides wedding bands, I would highly recommend not to wear too many glittery rings and try matching metal with metal.
  • Neck Tie Accessories: tie chains, tie tacks and tie clips need not to be worn at the same time. Another tip to remember is to match your tie clip with your watch; it should accommodate your cufflinks. Tie tacks look good only for formal events!
  • Piercings: piercings on the tongue, eyebrows, nose, nails and ears are common. Yes, they look cool and wild altogether. It creates a negative impression on others, especially if you wear them with formals.
  • Cufflinks: pick your cufflinks according to your attire which reflects your personality. Traditional and classic designs are via safer as compared to others. Avoid loud and chunky designs.

On That Note: It's not always women who can flaunt their style by wearing beautiful accessories, even men have many options to bring their style up. Just make sure to select every accessory carefully.