Loafers & Moccasins – How to style them correctly

As everyone say, you can always judge a man by his shoes. Back in the older days, when leather shoes were the only option men ever had, things were easy to comprehend. Thanks to creative shoe makers now shoe market is flooded with an overwhelming option for men’s shoes.

My today’s pick is loafers & moccasins both are known for their comfort, laidback style and affordable price. However before styling these two, you need to understand what makes them different from each other and how to style them rightly

What's the difference between the two?

The easy way to spot the difference between the two is – moccasins come with laces whereas loafers are without them. But if you see the laces on the moccasins then these are just for the decoration purpose.

The other difference between moccasins and loafers is that the former is made of leather whereas loafers are made in other materials such as suede and third one is Moccasins have a prominent sole whereas loafers are basically flat shoes.

How to wear them?

Moccasins are semi-formal as compared to loafers. They look best with formal trousers and chinos for a classy look. For a smart alternative, go for black leather moccasins when going out for a dinner or a party. Prefer wearing the color that suits your personality like brown, maroon or blue!

On the other hand, loafers are a more casual option and they are teamed best with shorts, denims, track pants and can go with denims too. They come in all possible styles and shades. Mostly men style their blue jeans with black leather shoes which look awful and loafers are just what they need to opt, also they can go with t-shirts and shirts.

  • Additional Tip 1: you can wear slip-on shoes without socks, their design is quite different and you look good if you are wearing moccasins and loafers without socks. An alternative to these is invisible socks. These socks are so low that whenever you wear them, it appears as if you are not wearing any socks.
  • Additional Tip 2: Never forget the main rule: the shiniest a shoe, the more formal it is. If by any chance you are thinking to wear moccasins when going to the beach, make sure you can't see your reflection in them just to avoid formal look.
  • Additional Tip 3: the color of your shoe does not have to match with your pants. You can style brown shoes with black pants.

Final word: I hope there ain't any confusion between moccasins and loafers. Go for styling them correctly. And if you think that these are not meant for your style because of your short height, then you can go for loafers that comes with concealed heels adding 2 to 3 inches to your height invisibly, giving you style without compromising on height. You can explore some best height increasing shoes in India here.