It’s time to style your favorite “Denim Shirt”

Forever trend in the world of men is Denim Shirt! From jackets to jeans and everything else – we can't miss this shirt which keeps us trendy season after season. Are you dubious about denim shirt? Don't be, Read our guide to know more about styling this versatile piece.


  • Heavy-weight: If you are an oversized person and prefer a casual and cool style, then this shirt is your best pick. But make sure you team this perfectly – Well! You can go this with a jersey, jacket, and hiking boots. Moreover, this will give you an outdoor look with a masculine flavor.
  • Lightweight: These type of shirts can be styled in many ways ie. both tailored and casual. This version looks perfect when you dress up with your joggers, tweed blazer, and a tie. You can wear lightweight denim shirt under layers depending on the weather.
  • Formal look: Denim shirts is considered as a perfect attempt for business meetings. Make sure you opt for a slim fit shirt with a collar which on a second option you can wear with a tailored suit – warm in winters and light-weight in summers.
  • Sophisticated look: For this look wear a smart denim shirt, chinos or moleskins. For winters add a camel coat or a blazer with lace up boots, or you can go for loafers or boat shoes for a summer touch.


The basic rule while buying a denim shirt – always opt for a faded wash or a light color, this will help in coordinating your colors easily. Faded wash shirt works on all skin tones, moreover keeping you brilliant and bright rather than making you sickly and sallow. All you need to make sure that you contrast shirt either with a tan or dark trousers.

Shoes: When we talk about wearing shoes with denim shirt then there are numerous options like loafers, boat shoes, Oxfords, and Chelsea shoes. Moreover, if you hesitate with this overall denim look because of your short height then you can explore height increasing shoes at Altolia and secretly increase 3 to 5 inches to your height.

On That Note: No matter what the season is Denim Shirt remain in trend. So, it's time to bang on your style.