How to style Boat Shoes

The feature of the rubber sole, tight stitching, short laces, the boat shoe has gained utmost popularity with its design and uniqueness. Being both sophisticated and presentable this shoe offers the comfort and support of a trainer, thus providing a mature look. The boat shoes, also known as the deck shoe can be merged easily into various styles be it casual look with a T-shirt and shorts or formal with Oxford shirt and chinos. Boat shoe is a versatile shoe, you can make numerous look depending on your personal style.

There are many who think that boat shoes are meant for boating, but this is obviously not true. For countless styles, and looks you must know how to wear boat shoes.

Style: boat shoes comes in numerous styles and colors – nude, black, brown and navy – to different patterns and bright colors. Each pair of boat shoe has its own fashion resemblance.

Fit: fit is important not only for boat shoes but for every shoe. When you are choosing boat shoe, make sure it fits you properly because comfort, simplistic design and easy to slip-in defines boat shoes and if they are not good on your feet then there is no point to wear them.

The Rules:

  • Boat shoes are the best choice for the summer and spring but not for the winters. So, make sure you avoid them wearing in this weather because rain and snow can ruin your delicate shoes.
  • Never style your boat shoes with a suit or tuxedo, they are not meant for fancy events. Also, keep them away from boring black tie events and pair them with jeans or khakis.
  • Its okay to wear boat shoes without socks but if by any chance you are thinking to wear one, then prefer buying ankle socks.

On That Note: So, wear your boat shoes and don your everyday style. Apart from the sailors, they are now worn by many. To implement the smart look with your boat shoes, just wait for the spring or summers.