How to freshen up the shoe odor?

Have you seen people dressed up in style from head to toe and supporting a pair of smelly shoes? It can be really unpleasant especially when odor gets so bad that people can make out, you are stepping in from a distance. Well this is known as stinky-shoe syndrome.

This foot smell can be caused by many reasons such as: overuse of the same shoes, bacterial/fungal infection or it can be lack of aeration, if you want to get rid of that foul and musky smell then read on the following discussion:

  • Checks out the cause- Before treating the odor, find out what exactly is causing this smell. If, your shoes are wet then firstly let them dry. For this either keep them in a sunny spot or in front of heater. Or in case you find out your shoes have damp or damaged insoles let them dry and if still it smells then better purchase a new one.
  • Deodorize it with baking soda- Baking soda is good for taking out that unbearable odor, so before going to bed, sprinkle your shoes with baking soda and keep them aside overnight. In the morning before wearing -clap the soles together to get rid of excess powder and you will realize your shoes are no more stinking.
  • Use Cedar Chips- Another easy solution to freshen up your shoes is using cedar chips. Cedar is well known for its anti-fungal properties. You can insert cedar chips at night and keep it aside overnight and remove them in the morning.
  • Freeze out the smell- Take a sealable plastic bag and put your shoes in it then keep it in the freezer overnight. Cold in the freezer will kill any fungus or bacteria causing the odor.
  • Give them a bath-If your shoes are washable then give a wash to them to take out any odor. Either wash them in your washing machine or dip them in a mild detergent for a tender wash. Make sure you are cleaning the insoles too and after cleaning let them dry for at least a day before wearing them again.