HATS – A must have addition to your wardrobe

The trend of wearing hats never goes out of fashion, you can style them in every season. There are different kinds of hats which are always in fashion. Read on to know more about them:

  • Pie Hat: the classic pie shaped hat that gives a mysterious charm to your personality. Somehow, they add sparkle to your overall look. This hat is great for a suit or blazer day, but if you are going for a semi-formal or a casual look, opt something in denims.
  • Textured Hat: This typically refers to the woolen monkey cap. This won't sound fashionable but yes it is a hidden weapon which can be used in winters. Also, it protects your hair and ears from cold breeze.
  • Flat Cap: This type of hat is really famous in Hollywood. They were the famously followed trend of the 80s. Pair flat cap with your shorts or with your blazer. It will give the dual combination of playful and mature look.
  • Trilby Hat: You can recognize this hat with an indented crown and a narrow brim. This hat is mostly styled by the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. This is one of the cool style statements and is mostly worn in the older days by the elite. Now it has regained its position in the world of fashion and turn out to be the best when teamed with your formals. It is also known as Fedora.
  • Baker Boy Cap: Wearing this hat has become the cool style statement for everyone. The best part is that now this hat is not restricted only with the baker's boy. It goes great when styled with your sweater. It thereby keeps you warm in the winter season.

On That Note: Hats not only protect your head but also radiate confidence. So, it is advisable to style them with a classy pair of sunglasses.