Guide on how to roll up your shirt sleeves.

Rolling up your shirt sleeves is both a social gesture and practical reaction whether you are wearing a long-sleeved work shirt, sweater or a dress shirt. You should be rolling your shirt sleeve for one of the following three reasons:

  • Practical Necessity: if you're washing your hands, doing lifting where wrists and forearms are strained, working on something which has dust, are all normal reasons to pull off your shirt sleeves. Thus, this is the universal truth and style of men.
  • High Temperatures: when it's very stagnant and hot, rolling your sleeves lets air flow directly over your skin. The appropriateness of rolled sleeves varies by workplace, when you get sunlight on your skin, rolled sleeves are acceptable.
  • For Casualness: rolled sleeves mostly serve to dress down something that would otherwise be too formal for the occasion, rolling your sleeves gives the signal that says “relaxed”. A collared shirt with rolled up sleeves is a popular look for men.

Let us discuss some methods:

Rolling method 1: The Casual Forearm Roll: A casual shirt roll involves the least folding:

  • Unbutton the cuff or any gauntlet button up the sleeve.
  • Flip the cuff back and inside out.
  • Hide the cuff behind a band of sleeve fabric.
  • When you are done, tuck the corners of the cuff neatly.

Rolling method 2: The Basic Roll: This style is the most intuitive way to roll up your sleeves.

  • Unbutton the shirt cuff and gauntlet buttons if any
  • Flip the cuff back
  • Fold back by using the cuff to set the width
  • Continue folding until the rolled cloth is below your elbow.
  • Make sure you don't cuff the sleeves high.

Final Word: pick the rolled sleeve style that looks good on you and carry them confidently. As long as you keep it simple and clean with an effortless look- you will look great!