Fashion Blunders Men must avoid

Sometimes good taste in fashion just isn't a guy's strength. Between going to work, keeping track of your favorite sports team and doing gyming, there isn't lot of time to search for latest fashion trends or to see what's hip for the upcoming season. Just in case if you have been away from fashion, we're here to make sure that you're still in loop:

  • Blazer/Jacket Too Big: the most common mistake- wearing a blazer or Jacket which is one or two size bigger. What’s the important thing to get right while choosing for the perfect fit? Well it is recommended that they should be wide as your natural shoulder width. The jacket and blazer sleeve should meet right where your arm meets your shoulder. If your body type makes it hard to find well-fitting clothes, make tailor your best friend.
  • Trousers Too Long: Prefer getting your trousers hemmed, this is one of the inexpensive alterations as well as one of the easiest ways to tell that a guy needs to care for his appearance. This goes for your jeans too. Get them hemmed or rolled properly. The frayed jeans’ dragging on the floor and underfoot was never considered cool or trendy, not even in college. Thus, this moreover looks sloppy and baggy.
  • Poor Quality Footwear: A good pair of shoes is a sign that you know about style and its true saying that a well made footwear is a part of an investment. But it’s better to save for a quality pair rather than wasting money on an older version.
  • Matching Perfectly: When it comes to the combination of tie and pocket square it needs to be styled perfectly with your attire. Always remember, accessories should complement to an outfit but not the focal point. Playing with the combination will draw an undue attention.
  • Wrong socks with a suit: When you're wearing suit, you should match your sock color to your pants not your shoes for both professional and formal occasions. For example: if you're wearing a navy suit with black shoes, then go for navy socks. And if you a wearing a light suit, make sure that your socks are darker than your suit. But this rule can be broken if you style deliberately.
  • Improper Tie Length: A man's tie should always end at the center of the belt buckle. Having a tie too short or too long can make a man look amateurish.
  • Wearing the wrong colors: it's very important to match the color of your clothes with your skin color. If you have dark skin, you can wear either bright colors or dark colors that match your skin color. If you have fair skin, go for lighter colors like icy or soft pastels.
  • Oversized Branding: Avoid clothes that make you look like an advertisement unless and until you're getting paid for this.
  • Keep your Hair well groomed: your face is the first thing that everyone notices so maintaining your hair is very important if you want to look smart and sharp. Either keep your beard trim or cleanly shaved face. Most importantly, there should be no hair underneath your chin or on your neck area.

So, avoid making these fashion blunders, and keep looking your best and handsome!