Extend your wardrobe with ‘Classic White Pants’

White pants are always in trend especially in the summers and this will be forever because they are iconized. They are very comfortable and symbolize class and elegance. White pants is a color of elite even in a vintage period. There are many ways to style them, read below to know more:

  • Linen Shirt: if you want to give yourself a cool look, then linen shirt is the best for you. This is the style which is versatile and pocket-friendly, also comfortable in the unbearable summer heat. All you need is the cool colors like beige, blue, lemon or any subtle color which don't make you feel warm. This look is perfect for your lunch or breakfast dates.
  • Denim Shirt: the combination of denim shirt and white pants is the ultimate fashion statement who loves the limelight. You can go for both lighter or the darker denim shirt. But make sure you don't pick the darkest one. Style your denim with white pants, brown belt, strap watch and loafers, monks or brogues. Perfect for your lunch dates or a casual outing.
  • Blazer Look: this is considered as a prince charming look which thereby suits younger men. You can style t-shirt or shirt that will compliment your blazer. If you are wearing a dark navy blue blazer then prefer wearing a t-shirt or s shirt in shades of blue only. This will spotlight your white pants. Monk straps or derbies are a necessity. This will somehow give you a romantic look. Tan shade for your accessories and shoes will be great too.
  • Suit Look: This look is very edgy and cool look perfect for your parties. Your suit jacket must be of brown, grey, navy, black or some printed touch. Wear a pocket square over a crisp white shirt, this will add a spunk to your outfit.
  • Sweater Look: Almost everyone has the round or a v-neck full sleeves sweater. You can wear it over your shirt with collars to shoe off. But make sure your sweater is a single plain color. Complete your look with a brown belt, leather watch and brogues. This look is perfect for casual outings or breakfast dates.

So, gentleman! Pull off your favorite white pants and transform your entire look.

Thanks for reading.