Easy hacks to take care of your leather shoes

We already know that leather shoes are everyone’s favorite. Though nothing can beat these leather shoes when it comes to style & durability and all they want in return is special care. To get the maximum mileage out of your leather shoes, here are some easy hacks for their upkeep & maintenance.

  • Air-dry your shoes: Never forget your shoes when it comes to dry them. Obviously, they do get wet so it would be better if you dry them naturally instead of using a hair dryer or drying them at an extreme heat, doing this will crack your delicate leather. Therefore, for the best result dry them naturally under a fan.
  • Store them properly: That lovely pair of leather shoes must be kept in a comfy manner just to avoid any moisture from sinking or causing any damage. But, if you are not using them frequently then roll them nicely in a newspaper and put them inside a cloth bag. Always remember that even your wooden cupboards absorb moisture so it's better if you keep some sachets of silica gel in your cabinet.
  • Fight the mould: For god sake! Don't throw away your shoes if the fungus has grown on your shoes, in fact, the best way to get rid of them is by scrubbing them gently with a toothbrush. Clean them properly to avoid any further growing of moulds.
  • Polish and make them shine: Polishing not only maintain the quality of your shoe but also protects from the moisture. Thus, making your shoes shine brightly and adding a glam to your outfit. You can either use a leather polish or a conditioner to replenish your leather shoes.
  • No Damp! No Mud!: Never let mud stay on your footwear especially after rains. This somehow creates clumps of hardened mud which damage the sole of your shoe. So, take your brush and shed it off before it dries.

On That Note: Follow these easy hacks and get most life out of your leather shoes. So, don your best leather shoes & flaunt them without any worry!