Dress like a pro with “Monochrome” colors -Black & White

Wearing a single color is known as “Monochrome”. When you style one color, it shows your confidence and attitude, thus making you stand out in a crowd. Monochromes in white and black are timeless. They help in maintaining look when carried properly, and it goes without say that styling them makes you look dapper and smart.

Earlier when we talk about Black and White color, they use to be reserved for some occasions like weddings, funerals, shindigs, formal events and graduation. Over many years, fashion, world changed and so did styles and trends, but the fashion of monochrome still rules and occupies a special place for casual, formal or a semi-formal look.

Here are some tips to help you in wearing monochrome colors like a pro:

Easy Tips:

  • Prefer going for geometric, eye catching and bold prints & patterns.
  • Pair them up with a solid piece, this will make you and your outfit look outstanding.
  • Adding a small and bright accessory with a dash of color always work. (funky belt, watch or a bracelet)
  • When we talk about upper – style something like a pocket square or a scarf.
  • How can we forget shoes – style yourself with a pair of brogues or sneakers. Don’t frown if you are short in height, go for height increasing shoes for men that are designed with hidden heel technology.

Undoubtedly, black and white looks great when worn, but there's even more to believe that they complement other colors perfectly and beautifully making a good contrast. Therefore, they can be conveniently matched and mixed with pieces in your closet giving you a different look.

In the end, it is recommended to have fun with your outfit by going all white and black.