DIY pocket square

Every suit needs a pocket square. In the trend of gray and navy get-ups, it helps you stand out and actually have some personality with your style statement. They can get expensive, though, a nice and classy pocket square can set you back anywhere from Rs.200-300. Don't you think that it is just a piece of fabric? Of course it is! This is the reason that you must make your own pocket square. There are few methods to go about DIYing your own pocket square, read below:

  • Fabric: Cotton is your best friend here, but you can also use flannel, silk, blends, etc. Else, you can even use an old shirt for making a pocket square, for a nuclear and tempting look.
  • Hem tape
  • Rotary cutter: If you have a rotary cutter in your home, then it is good, otherwise a sharp pair of scissors will also do.
  • Cutting mat: this is optional for customizing pocket square, this helps in measuring and cutting your fabric.
  • Cut your fabric to size: A pocket square comes in many sizes. If you want 16”, then you need to cut your fabric one inch larger I.e a 17” square of your fabric.
  • Cut the corners: For good and clean corners, just lop off the corners of your fabric and measure one inch in each direction, mark your sign inside the fabric and then cut a diagonal line with your rotary cutter or scissor.
  • Iron your fabric: To make your fabric nice and clean iron your fabric. Then, fold up each side half an inch and iron a crease. This will ultimately be your hem and the crease makes it easier. Since, you cut the corners of your fabric; it comes out perfectly to make the corners of your pocket square. Lastly, iron all four sides.
  • Apply Hem Tape: Cut hem tape according to the length of your pocket square. Then, stick the hem tape inside your ironed crease. Also, trim the corner so that it matches the diagonal cut of the fabric. Make sure the tape fits completely under the hem and it doesn't touch the iron directly. Then, simply iron the crease again, but this time do it little slower. The hem tape needs at least 3-5 seconds of medium iron heat. Do this on all sides.
  • Rock your style: After you done with ironing then you will see how your hem tape did wonders from both the topside and underneath, thus creating a clean edge.

Now, you can style your own pocket square without worrying about price.