Crazy about getting a Tattoo? You must know Do’s & Don’t first

Are you a tattoo lover? Getting a tattoo is not just the work of an Artist; it is an exciting & nerve- wracking experience that is going to mark your body for life. So, if you are a tattoo lover and have made your mind to get your skin inked then here is a piece of advice to consider that will put you at ease and help you get best out of your new tattoo.

Read through these Do’s & Don’ts before you get it done


  • Research is important: Doing a research is very important, especially when it's about getting a tattoo. First of all, finalize the place from where you want to get a tattoo, take sufficient time to research this. What exactly you want to get inked is the second important thing to consider. Do it properly and satisfactorily.
  • It Will Hurt: It requires lot of nerves to get a tattoo on your skin, especially on the area with the lot of nerves, like your lower back and torso. If your chosen design is is big and intricate, then it will take more time. But small tattoos take an hour or so.
  • No Alcohol: It's really annoying to get a drunk person tattooed. So make sure you are in a stable condition. If you are getting from a good generic' place then obviously your tattooer will refuse to tattoo if you are not in a stable condition. Try to keep still!
  • Tattoo is important, take care of it: A new tattoo demands lot of care, initially you need to be extra careful. Make a habit of washing your tattoo with lukewarm water & antibacterial soap, and later on covering it with a healing cream. Never expose it under the Sun nor can you swim for some days. As long as you keep your new tattoo clean and avoid sun exposure you are good to go.
  • Removable Ink: Instead of getting a lazer removal and spending too much on that, it's better to get a removable ink from your artist.


  • Never forget to ask questions: No one is stopping you from asking any kind of questions. It's about your skin so bring it on! Most importantly, alert your tattoo artist if you are allergic to the ink, else you will be a victim of rashes.
  • No Illegal: Always get the tattoo done by an experienced artist rather screwing up your skin by getting it done by a random person just to save money. No tattoo recommended if you are underage.
  • Not so many friends: We know you are afraid of needles and you need someone, this doesn't mean you will bring a gang. One friend is good enough. If you bring a bunch this will break the concentration of your artist and it can ruin your ink work. No kids please!

Enjoy your new tattoo and don't forget to note down all the important procedures which you need to follow afterwards. Good Luck!