Color Guide for Men’s Suit

You need to buy a suit, but overwhelming choices in different colors often leaves you perplexed? Well howsoever trendy the suit is if it’s not in the right color it can kill your entire look. So, here is brief color guide that will help you pick a suit in the color that complements your personality.

  • Gray Suit for modern man: gray is the new black tradition when it comes to suits, it has replaced black as the must have for office wear. Being less casual than black, it works well during the day or an evening out, making it the most versatile out of all suit colors. One suit in your wardrobe needs to be a gray suit.
    Just remember the trick: the lighter the gray, the more casual glance it gives.
  • Navy Suit for Sophisticated man: gray have a modern era, but navy is always in style and is a great choice for the second option in your closet. It is appropriate for casual events and for business, but out of all navy has more relaxed and gentleman feeling especially when teamed with a pair of burgundy or brown shoes. The twin advantage of wearing this suit color is, if your fabric is too formal, then the jacket can always pull off double duty if you pair it with your jeans or dress pants.
  • Black Suit for Traditionalist man: if you ever want a chic night look, then you definitely can't go wrong with black color. This color is a favorite for many guys and must be a third suit in your wardrobe. You can wear this on occasion like an anniversary dinner or business conference. If you wish to look less formal then add one of your best colors in the combination of tie or pocket square.
  • Tan Suit for honeymooner man: tan is the perfect choice and a must have in your wardrobe and this is the day-time counterpart. Instead of mystery, tan conveys confidence and levity with a casual vibe. Tan suit looks good when paired with brown, but not black. Wearing a tie is not compulsory. Try a collar (white) shirt and leave the collar open.

On a final note: Be an expressionist while you choose the color of your suit and style them in such a way that you become a style icon for everyone.