Choosing the Perfect Fragrance- Things to consider

When we talk about perfume, there is definitely a right way & a wrong way to do strongly. The wrong way involves drenching yourself unless and until your office wonders if you have taken a shower in cologne instead of water. The best way choosing cologne is following one common rule – not too much and not too little – just right. Read this guide to get the perfect fragrance:

  • Composition: the perfumes have a distinct composition that sets them apart. Some achieve this with expensive ingredients while other companies mix and match to form a random scent. But when you are in a doubt to buy a perfume, prefer asking for a tester.
  • Release year: old is gold! Perfumes are yearly variations like wine, a good scent from an older year will be a valuable treasure if it suits your style - prefer wearing perfume with a year old packing.
  • Oil Content: the content of oil in your perfume determines how long your perfume lasts. The more oil, the longer and stronger the scent will be, but make sure you don't put much because it can give you a loud smell.
  • Strength: the strength of a scent is utterly an important aspect – a stronger scent can be smelled from several steps while a milder one can be judged by the third person in a close embrace. But it is not necessary to go for a strong strength scent.
  • Price: an important rule that everyone follows – the more you pay for cologne, the more you demand from it.

A final Note: whatever fragrance you choose, just keep in mind the occasion, your dressing style and strength of the cologne. If these three key points do not complement each other, then you are in a complete disaster. Good Luck with that!