Bomber Jacket- Iconic Piece in Men’s Fashion World

Bomber Jacket is the iconic piece in the men's fashion world. Thought, it came from the early sixties from the actor Steve McQueen. When we talk about the color then white is a versatile color where you can combine your jacket with different outfits, fabrics or patterns. This can start from smart casual, to business, monotone or street style. Styling a bomber jacket won't be an easy thing but you can read some easy tips on how to style this versatile piece:

Pants: You are always safe when we talk about wearing ripped jeans, you can't go wrong with this. It doesn't matter if it is loose, skinny or slim fit, dark blue or light blue, this totally depends on your body type. If you wish for more a casual look, try wearing chinos in dark blue or red or tweed trousers.

T-Shirt: The black tee or the classic white tee combo is the best thing you can wear under your bomber jacket. It would be perfectly fine even if you choose a simple plain color because bomber jacket will make your look effective and simple.

Shirt: The combination of button shirt and a bomber jacket is perfect. Why not styling your bomber jacket with a flannel or a black shirt for a vibrant look. We know that color is the key, but with a plain jacket, you don't need to worry about the combination. According to your wish, style anything.

Shoes: Styling the shoes merely depends on what kind of attitude you want, a pair of converse or a pair of white sneakers. Ultimately, this all depends on the occasion. While some tend to avoid this style reason being because of their short stature, so now the good news is that you can find height increasing shoes for men here. Why not giving yourself an ultimate look.

Quick Guide:

  • Make sure to have a perfect fit – never go for a baggy fit especially if you are going for a casual or a business look.
  • Keep your outfit simple if you want your bomber jacket to be a key element.
  • For some vibrant look, you can opt for some accessories.
  • Try to mix-match different patterns and colors, with white you can't go wrong.

Gentleman! Expand your wardrobe collection with a pair of the white bomber jacket.