Boat Shoes- a new vogue in Men’s Footwear

Boat shoes have grown popular in the world of fashion. They are boots of all seasons except winters where you prefer wearing boots. If you wish to be stylish with boat shoes, then you must read this guide:

1: How to wear boat shoes: just like loafers, boat shoes are preferred wearing without socks or with a pair of invisible socks. You can style them with jeans, formal trousers and even with chinos, depending on the occasion. To make it more stylish - roll the bottom of your bottoms up a bit, leaving a minor gap between your bottoms and the shoes.

  • Casual Attire: boat shoes are popular in the summers and can easily go till autumn. During summers, you can match your boat shoes with a pair of shorts strolling along the beach, or going out for a trip with your friends. The best part of boat shoe is that they are practical.
  • Formal Occasions: formal shoes such as Oxfords, brogues can be hard on your feet for a longer period. Boat shoes are quite firm but at-least they allow your feet to breathe and it's not compulsory to wear socks with your boat shoes. This is the reason which makes them perfect to wear even at weddings, party or a date night. Team boat shoes with a shirt and trousers or with a suit.

In case you are embarrassed about wearing boat shoes because of your short height, then switch to Altolia where you can find boat shoes with concealed heels giving you a subtle raise you are looking for.

2: When not to wear: there are many occasions where you can afford to style boat shoes, but for a good thing you need to avoid them wearing in certain occasions like formal meetings, business lunch. Don't take a risk of wearing them in winters – although they provide good cover to your feet, but not sure if they are good to make you survive in snow or hail.

We hope that our guide helped you in deciding what to wear with boat shoes. Always remember, they are not just for the boats.