An introduction to Men’s Earrings

We already know that earrings have always been an essential part of the men's fashion world and nowadays they have become more popular. But now there are many choices and styles to choose form. Don't get confused, in this guide, you can find the popular earrings for men. Read on to know more:

Types of men's earrings:

  • Studs: These earrings are basically post earring which has a metal symbol, gemstone or stud on the front. Else, you can also go for those studs which are made of plastic or rubber. They even glow or light up in the dark. Quite fascinating!
  • Hoops: This type of earring is a semi-circular or circular hollow circle that goes in the ear lobe with a wire or a post. They are made from a tube that has a wire which is permanently attached and is secured on the ear which somehow goes through the hole in the ear lobe through that wire.
  • Novelty Earrings: This type of earring is defined as an attachment which fits over studs and can be changed accordingly. Some of these include guns, cartoon characters, skulls, or other shapes. Other can be dolphins or edgy handcuffs.
  • Magnetic Earrings: Of course these exist! These are for those who are afraid of getting the piercing done. So, ultimately these earrings are your savior if you are afraid of needles.
  • Clip On Earrings: Well, you can say this is your second savior if you don't want piercing for your ear. In this, a clip holds onto the ear lobe with a hinged clip. They either have a dangle or a charm attached to them.

On That Note: Men's earrings reflects your personal taste or lifestyle. There are lot many styles and designs but selection is done on your personal favorite. Before choosing earrings make sure you consider your employment, level of comfort or lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!