A sneak peek to Round Sunglasses

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses. It's a must have accessory, especially for the summer months, even winters can't be ignored without sunglasses. Nowadays round sunglasses are so much in trend, the reason being they give you a vintage look with a spark of eccentricity and are versatile with casual and formal outfits but choosing them turns out to be little tricky and time-consuming. Before buying sunglasses, it's important to consider your face shape else it will become strikingly if you choose the wrong one.

Round sunglasses work on four types of face shapes; read on:

  • Oval face shape: they are mostly characterized by their features, round chin, and forehead. They have the ability to suit every type of sunglasses. You can experiment with your favorite styles, try wearing larger or smaller frames.
  • Square face shape: they are differentiated by their wide cheekbones and jawline, wearing round sunglasses will enhance and highlight your facial features.
  • Heart face shape: they are characterized with their narrow chins and wide foreheads. Wearing round sunglasses will add a balance to your face.
  • Oblong face shape: A long nose, straight and long jawline differentiate this kind of face shape. Wearing round sunglasses will give you a balanced face without compromising your features.

Quick guide:

  • For buying a round or any other sunglasses, you need to first take into account your skin color, hair and face shape.
  • Don't buy round sunglasses if you have a diamond or a round face shape because they make your face look disproportionate.
  • Round sunglasses glam up best on the square, oval, oblong face and heart face shapes.
  • You can style Club masters with your casuals, retro round sunglasses with indie or a retro vibe, and vintage round sunglasses with the formal or casual look.

On a Final Note: Wearing sunglasses not only enhance your face, but also glam up your overall look, so make sure you select according to your face shape.

Thank for reading.