A sneak-peak into Zodiac Signs – Part 1

Your zodiac sign is definitely related to your nature and personality and it becomes the charismatic reality to your life. Looking deeply into your zodiac signs, the influence of Jupiter and Saturn affect the energy in your life.

Sometimes, its excited to know more about these signs. Well, scroll down to know more about them:

  • ARIES (The Ram) (March 21 – April 19) – Merely the Fire sign! People born under this sign are merely creative, insightful, adaptive, spontaneous and strong-willed. Aries people are very ambitious thus making them over-achievers in the situation where they make their mind to get that particular thing done. Well, they do get angry fast but don't take this behavior personally, it's just they are fiery. When we talk about sense of humor, Aries are a pro and obviously they get along easily with everyone. Aries people are little impatient, but you will love them because they are considered as a devoted and loyal friends, family and lovers – they will stand with you till end. Personality Quotient: For Aries comfort is their main demand. They love to go through all the fashion magazines and latest trends that are becoming a hit. Mostly, you will catch them in styling a comfortable yet classy outfit, basically in Black and Red.
  • TAURUS (The Bull) (April 20 – May 20) – It's all about stamina, will and strength just like the animal for Taurus people. They are stubborn by nature, they will stand to the ground unless and until their wish is not fulfilled sometimes irrationally, but that’s okay. Taurus personality are very loving, appreciative and a sympathetic sign. You can share all your deepest secrets and fears with Taurus and they will give you their best advice. Personality Quotient: They are very defensive when it comes about their style statement, they are not afraid to follow the trend if nobody follow them. You will catch them styling bold pieces like jewelery or a jacket with flair.
  • GEMINI (The Twins) (May 21 – June 20) – Adaptability, balance and flexibility are the perfect description for Gemini personality. They come under the perfect description of generosity and often suffer from mood swings. However, Gemini are supportive, and are good at sales, bargains and promotions. Personality Quotient: They really don't care about whats going on rather they create their own style and carry off with confidence. Mostly, they go with the combination of T-shirt and jeans.
  • CANCER (The Crab) (June 21 – July 22) – Cancer people love their homely-life and family. Moon is the ruler for this sign so the are a bit moody, but they hide their mood swings from others. The specialty of Cancer personality is that they make sympathetic and loyal friends. But you better leave them alone when they need to fulfill their terms. Personality Quotient: They prefer loose fitted clothes that glam up their features.
  • LEO (The Lion) (July 23 August 22) – Merely the Fire sign! They are natural born leaders, and quite dominating and high-minded in nature. Being a Leo is all about exuberance, power and expanse. Basically, they are correct in their decisions and statements. Bossy word is perfect for them. Personality Quotient: They are crazy about wearing shirts with jeans. T-shirts are their second option.
  • VIRGO (The Virgin) (August 23 – September 22) - Virgos are very skilled when it comes to tell tales and chatting. But, Virgos need to balance their behavior and life because they become impatient and short-tempered but on the other side they are very active in social activities and are considered as best team-mates. Personality Quotient: Virgos are very conscious when it comes about choosing clothes. Their first thought always relies on one simple question “ What will I wear?'. So, they focus on fashion while choosing their outfit.

Watch out for your Zodiac Sign!

Thanks for reading!