A guide to the Sport Shoes.

Finding the best fitting shoe among many varieties at your nearby stores isn't always easy. To walk with a happy feet, make sure your shoe fits properly from heel to toe. To share some of our secrets let us give you an idea how your next shoe pair should feel on your feet:

  • Heel: your heel should fit comfortably, not tightly. Make sure there is some heel movement but it shouldn't be uncomfortable. If there is any irritation in your heel, no need to buy that shoe because it will be amplified once you hit the road.
  • Instep: the upper part of a shoe must be comfortable and secured around your instep. If your shoe has spots or pressure under the laces, try lacing up in a different way before you move on to the next shoe.
  • Width: your foot should be able to move easily side-to-side in the shoe's forefoot without crossing the edge of the insole. But, if your shoe is narrow, you will feel the base of your toe sitting on the edge of the shoe.
  • Length: make sure there's a wide space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe(thumb's width probably).
  • Flex: always check the flex point before you put on the shoe. You can do this by holding the heel and then pressing the tip of the shoe on the floor. An improper flex point in your shoe can lead to plantar fasciitis or arch pain. Suggestion: If you are crazy for sport shoes but hesitate to buy them because of your short height then turn on to www.altolia.com for buying best height increasing shoes in India and add 3 to 5 inches to your height secretly.
  • Feel: you obviously can't get a good feeling of shoe by just standing rather you must take your shoes for a jog, sidewalk or on a store's treadmill.

Guidelines for buying sport shoes:

  • Don't rush while buying shoes, make sure that you have plenty of time. Buying the wrong shoes may lead to stress fractures.
  • Prefer going to running shop where the staff is experienced in fitting running shoes.
  • Always go later in the day because at that time your feet are slight larger to ensure you a good fit.
  • Don't be stuck with the same brand or appearance. Try with different styles, patterns and brands.
  • It's worth to spend more on your shoes to get a decent pair rather than opting for the bargain stuff.
  • Twist the shoe certainly to check for flexibility.

A final word: Gear up your style with our collection of sport shoes and look stylish!