A crisp white shirt is now the newborn trend

We already know that a crisp white shirt works elegantly from formal events to business meetings, thus making you look professional who thereby stands different among the crowd who tends to wear boring blue color. Precisely we can say that a white shirt is the best way to create a fashion twist in your wardrobe.


Styling a white shirt is not a heavy or a difficult task, all you need to know is the basic rule for wearing it. Always make sure that it fits you well because wearing a baggy shirt will make you a fashion disaster. The best thing about white shirt is – it can be worn both for a casual get together or a formal event. It can be either breezy or sharp, this totally depends on your way of styling. Not only this, you need to pay attention for your footwear too – the best option can be loafers, formal shoes or contemporary sandals. White shirt looks great on everyone irrespective of age, body type or complexion.

Wear it right

White color is best for summer, it keeps you cool and gives a soothing effect to your eyes. Pair your crisp white shirt with printed or funky pajamas, denim shorts or ripped jeans for a fun day with your friends. When we talk about winters, team your white shirt with trousers basically in deep shades – this will give a sophisticated formal look. For a classy look – don't forget to strap a leather watch and your favorite shoes.


Your white shirt can be completely transformed when you add some accessories for example: a warm scarf, gold watch, or a hat.

On That Note: Gear your style by wearing a white shirt and steal the look!

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