4 Cold Weather Shirts to keep the cold out

Man who knows style understands the importance of having an array of shirts in his wardrobe. But when winter strike, the chill starts and day long sunlight becomes a distant memory, then your cotton or linen shirts are not sufficient to cut down the winters. So, it's time to add different set of fabrics.

Here's our small guide to the, 4 cold weather shirts that every man should own:

  • The Twill Shirt: When Twill Shirts are compared to regular dress shirts, they're much warmer because twill is weaved in a subtle diagonal pattern and its threads are densely packed. They are perfect for an office where the heating may or may not be on the fritz for the winters.
  • twill-shirt
  • The Flannel Shirt: Flannel shirt is the closest thing a man can get to wear a blanket outside the house. It's the flannel shirt's versatility and warmth that makes it a cold winter classic, you can wear it with a buttoned up tailored chinos for a casual look, over an undershirt with the collar unbuttoned or if it's thick then you can open and layer over a thin woolen knit.
  • flannel-shirt
  • The Denim Shirt: This versatile fabric is hard to wear in winters. Keep all the thin chambrays and western shirt away, only heavy denim can keep the cold weather out. The only way to make denim shirt look modern is to go to extremes. This means no embroidery style or any tacky embellishment. A simple pocket-less will look slick thus making an ideal layering piece, whereas thicker and stiff denim styles with pockets work best as oversized shirts.
  • denim
  • The Corduroy Shirt: This men's corduroy shirt gives a warm, seasonal texture and a classic throwback style. The button-down shirt can be teamed with chinos in khaki or tan. Corduroy shirt look best in neutrals like brown. Navy and beige or warmer colors like mustard, brick red and olive green.

Final Word: When it comes to winter shirts, twill shirt rules. Twill-woven fabrics like corduroy or denim in a casual situation make a heavy duty fabric “to-go for”. But don’t tend to forget flannel which will always be a winner when it comes to warmth.