4 Basic Rules for Footwear

As they say “you can tell a lot about a man based on the shoes that he is wearing” It is true if you go to any major metropolitan city where people are fashion conscious, then you are likely to notice that women first look at a man’s eyes before quickly moving down to his shoes in order to take shot of his status and potential.

The level of a style statement that you bring to any event lays its foundation in the shoes that you are wearing.

So, before you choose your favorite footwear, follow these basic rules:
  • Wear the right shoe for the occasion - This is the foremost common mistake I see men make when wearing footwear. Running shoes have a purpose; they protect your feet while running. And wearing these shoes in a social function is fine as long as they are appropriate, but you need to have a limit to this because maximum people take this to an extreme level. So, make sure you don’t mess up with your wear.
  • Invest in quality - Each man cannot afford to spend a hefty amount on his shoes; however, majority of men can instead choose to spend money elsewhere and buy shoe yearly. This is never a winning strategy; rather you can save money in the long term for buying expensive shoes that can last for decades.
  • Never risk for proper fit and comfort – Buy the right shoe size, even if you need to pay more, rather taking the risk for wrong size and uneasy shoe. A good one time buy will bring more happiness. Secondly, never compromise comfort for the fashion, many people end up buying shoes just seeing the overall appearance and later regret. A comfy pair of shoes is way better than a trendy shoe that gives you no pleasure.
  • Take proper care of your shoes– Most of the men never care for their shoes, after buying shoe they use it roughly and never bother to care which make shoes dull. They must consider shoe as an investment and be prepared to maintain it. A good shoe polish or using shoe cleaner once in a while is a good practice. So, you must put a little effort into looking after them and they’ll last longer.
  • As previously stated, it is important that you must take care of your shoes as you do for your clothes. Following above rules will definitely help you get the best value out of your money.