3 Style Hacks: Every Short Man Must Know

In today’s modish world, right kind of styling can do wonders to anyone’s personality. If you are shorter in height then dressing up well might become little tricky. Well here is the good news! By embracing some styling guidelines you can create an illusion of being tall and can get noticed for your style regardless of your height.

Have a look at some basic rules:

  • Stick to vertical patterns- Firstly, looking good is not limited to your height only but some clothing patterns can surely flatter your body frame. Wearing vertical stripes creates the illusion of added height by elongating your body and horizontal lines do the opposite making you appear broader & bulkier.
    Tip: So if you are short in height stock up on some formal shirts in vertical stripes and for casual wear polo tees and round necks will do the trick.
  • Hem your pants properly- When you are short in height it will be a rare case that you find a pair of pants or jeans that just fits you perfectly. When man with short height wear oversized clothes it makes them look petite. So, as per the recommendation of fashion police, your pants need to be hemmed properly. Well, hemmed pants ending at the right length creates a heightening effect. When you get your pants altered ensure that your tailor keeps the original hem.
    Tip: To give an elongated look to your legs, wear your pants at your natural waist.
  • Go for dark Colors- Dark colors make you look slimmer and more streamlined. Does it sound like a cliche? Well there is a scientific reason behind it as dark colors don’t expose shadows like light colors, and that is the reason dark colors are known for creating a sleeker silhouette by absorbing light. Thus, wearing dark colors can add few imaginary inches to your height.
    Tip: If your torso is shorter then pick a dark colored tee for yourself and if you think your legs aren’t very long then pick a trouser in dark color.
To finish the look, always match your outfit with a stylish pair of elevator shoe and walk tall with confidence.Explore our collection of height-increasing shoes & insoles at Altolia.