3 Quick tips to keep your hair healthy

One thing that ladies adore a lot is beautiful hair and proper grooming so it's important to put in a lot of effervescence and effort in order to achieve the hair that the women of your dreams wish for. But if your hair is looking unwell and rough then you must check out these tips to give your hair a reboot:

1: Drying: the blocks of your barnet are keratin and protein and the latter becomes weak when your hair is wet. Always remember that your hair has no nervous system and blood supply, so toying harsh with your towel breaks the strand of your hair.


  • Prefer using warm water not hot,
  • A big no to blow drying unless and until you are going to a party,
  • Gently dry your hair with a clean towel and try to pat in it's natural growth direction,
  • Don't wash your hair regularly because this will spoil the protective oils of your hair,

2: Gym and Trim: the quality of your hair totally depends on how you maintain them both mentally and physically. If you are stressed in your life, then your hair will be less nourished but if you are a happy soul; you are likely to make your hair shinier and caring which it deserves. As we say, maintenance is the game if you want to make your hair more shinier and beautiful.


  • A healthy diet is a must to improve the make up of your hair
  • Water, dairy products, meat are the best supplements which your hair needs importantly,
  • Go for a haircut when you feel your hair are dry or damaged

3: Adequate products: choose your hair products meticulously as you put efforts while choosing your clothes. From hair creams to gel and shampoo, choose wisely so that it won't damage your hair. Avoid buying products that have the consumption of alcohol; it locks down your hair pores and dissolve the natural oils.


  • Prefer seed oils and nut
  • Natural and raw ingredients
  • Minimum chemical content

Conclusion: Hope the above-mentioned points are helpful for you to make a convenient decision for your hair.