12 Tips For Healthy Nutrition That Will Increase Your Height

Growing taller is like a dream for many, as if you are tall,then you are the center of attraction. However, height of a person greatly depends on two factors, the first one is genetics and the other one is nutrition. Today in this article, we'll discuss the 12 tips to follow for healthy nutrition that will help you grow taller.

So, let's grow taller with these tips.

Tip-1: Take 5 meals a day at regular interval.
Tip-2: Say “No” to skip any meal.

The metabolism needs fuel to jump start, every couple of hours. Thus, if you don't “fuel” your body, your metabolism will remain slow down, and you'll store fat, rather than burn it.

Tip-3: Don't forget to have a healthy breakfast.

It's good to start your day with a well-rounded meal to keep you active in the daylong activities.

Tip-4: Chew Your Food Properly.

Spend sufficient time to taste and to chew your food well. A well-chewed meal helps in easy and quick digestion.

Tip-5: Vary your menu.

Always try to include a variety of food items, in your meal that delivers good amount of nutritional values. Don't stick to one diet.

Tip-6: Limit your salt consumption.

Because, excessive salt consumption can lead to hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

Tip-7: Increase your consumption of fresh, green and leafy vegetables.

These food items are rich source of iron, magnesium, minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibers, carbohydrates and calcium.

Tip-8: Drink plenty of water.

It is advised to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to keep you hydrated properly.

Tip-9: Don't cut short the intake of Milk.

It is an important part of your daily healthy diet. In fact, make a habit of drinking one or two glasses of milk everyday, along with fresh fruit juices.

Tip-10: Don't eat junk foods.

Avoid pastries, sweets, crisps, soda-drinks and other food items that have a very little or almost no nutritional value.

Tip-11: Eat good quality food supplements.

Including these in everyday diet helps in boosting the immunity and production of growth hormones.

Tip-12: After each meal, don't forget to take some rest.

Take proper time to relax, and don't get back to the work or exercise right after your meal.